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The broad regulatory framework available to the Spanish urban and real estate sector obliges professionals in the sector to seek the advice of legal experts in Urban Planning, Urbanization and Reparcelling Projects, Urbanization Licenses and Sanctions, Urbanization Works, Compensation Boards, Parcels Town planning, partial plans, town planning, etc.

  • Acquisition, possession, enjoyment and transfer of real estate assets.
  • Foreclosures and Cancellation of Floor Clause
  • Constitution, maintenance and / or extinction of real or personal rights over real estate.
  • Acquisition and / or transfer of real estate companies, real estate complexes and / or real estate portfolios.
  • Legal audit of real estate.
  • Urban planning licenses and other authorizations.
  • Real estate development projects.
  • Construction, urbanization and building contracts.
  • Real estate financing operations.
  • Resolution of conflicts related to the acquisition, possession, enjoyment and transfer of real estate assets.

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